Operating principle

The object of study (human finger) is placed on a special transparent electrode. Between the object and the electrode the high-voltage pulses are sent, which are created by an electromagnetic field generator.

Under these conditions, in a gaseous environment between the object and the plate, a avalanche-like (sliding) gas discharge is developed. It is by the characteristics of the gas discharge that the energy properties of the object are determined.

Next, a special optical system converts the gas emissions into video signals that are further captured and processed by the software system.

Based on the parameters analyzed by the software system, we are able to calculate a number of properties of the electromagnetic field of the object and draw a number of conclusions about the electromagnetic characteristics of the object.

Aureola® S is a hardware-software complex which is intended for registration of static images of gas discharge glow that appears around objects when they are placed in an electromagnetic field of high intensity.

Aureola® S enables registration of GDV-images (human fingers) and subsequent image processing to extract diagnostic information about the energy state of various systems and organs.

Aureola® S works under the normal daylight conditions in real time, only in combination with a computer (via the USB port). Registration of GDV-images and management of operating modes is done by means of the software system.

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The equipment is certified according to the current requirements of the European Union
(The European Union EMC Directive 2014/30/EU).

Price includes

  • Equipment Aureola® S
  • 4 software modules
  • Accessories
  • Accessories for calibration
  • Technical passport
  • Manual
  • Copy of a Declaration of Conformity
  • Training and support


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